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We knew we wanted to buy a home in Virginia Beach but we were new to the area and had no idea where to start. Jean was enthusiastic to help and provided us with lots of insight on the area before we even arrived so we could narrow our search. She also linked us up with all the right connections to find a great home for us! Thanks Jean!

Erin M., purchased a home in Virginia Beach, VA

When we relocated from VA to FL, We had initially contacted a real estate agent referred to us from a friend from work.  Nice agent but just wasn’t providing us with feasible possibilities and really wasn’t understanding what we wanted. Under some pressure to get the house hunting moving along, we tried to do our own thing and flew down to FL, looking for homes and neighborhoods using Zillow and our GPS. It was super frustrating because we just didn’t know the area that well. After a long few days of looking with no success and much frustration, we called Jean and asked if she knew anyone in FL that could help us. We desperately needed someone who knew the area and understood what we wanted with regard to location, “look”, and price. We were so relieved when Jean quickly put us in touch with a great REALTOR, who was exactly the right fit for us. Jean nailed it! Our agent helped us buy our home that we didn’t even see until after closing. (Who does that!?!) Seriously, thanks to Jean putting us in contact with the right agent for us, we had an excellent home buying experience. 

Jill S., purchased a home in Tampa FL area

I will put more feedback here from folks that have used my referral services, but since I’ve really just started focusing on that side of the business I don’t have many that are specific to it yet! We’ve got several closings in the works, so you will start to see them populated here soon.

In the meantime, I am happy to direct you to my reviews on Zillow and Facebook that were submitted by clients when I was able to give full service throughout the buying and selling process. I’m pretty proud of them :).